About fifty people from universities in countries such as Belgium, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Slovakia, England, Hungary, Sweden and Spain, and linked to the fields of research, science and education attended the workshop “Critical image analysis of inclusive science education in the media”, on 8 November. This workshop is part of the European “Communities for Sciences – Towards project promoting an inclusive approach in science education” (C4S), led by Fundació Universitària del Bages (FUB), whose aim is to work with communities at risk of vulnerability and promote engagement in inclusive science education.

The objective of the first block of the workshop was to promote critical reflection in the context of decolonisation, on the role of education in the construction of equitable and inclusive societies. Isidora Saez Rosenkranz, Laura van der Reijden, Diana Reinoso, Sheddad Kaid Salah, and Andrea Cerroni come from different nationalities and families, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, were the main speakers at the round table.

The second part of the session focused on “the power of photography to generate new real and inclusive narratives, replacing the hegemonic narrative”, according to Laia Gómez-Franco Estrella, responsible for educational projects of RUIDO Photo.

The main conclusions drawn from the workshop will serve as a starting point for the future guide on Inclusive Science Education of the C4S project.