Community Living Lab, workshop concept & learning materials – RCE Vienna (Regional Centre of Expertise; Vienna University of Economics and Business) & EUB (European Office, Board of Education for Vienna)
The aim of the Vienna C4S Hub is to encourage our Viennese partner school as active Living Hub Member to discover and explore science independently through a low-threshold and interactive workshop concept. The hub is organized as a community living lab and is located in a school garden. The creation of the garden itself is a central part of the project. Our vision is that the garden will stay in existence as CLL after the completion of the C4S project. In addition, we create freely accessible teaching material, which allows and specifically invites other schools or institutions to conduct and/or develop similar workshops.

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The workshops are based on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) methodology and focus on the larger topic of sustainable development. More specifically on sustainability topics connected to ecosystems, food production, nature in cities and cooperation between different stakeholders and generations.
The workshops adhere to the following criteria:

  • Enable and foster engagement of Vulnerable Communities in pedagogical processes.
  • Promote and support critical and creative thinking.
  • Create an open, appreciative atmosphere and a safe space for one’s own discoveries.
  • Allow learners to immerse into topics and experiments of their choice according to their personal interests and at their own rhythm.
  • Take into account the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.
  • Support Intergenerational learning


Hub activities

The HUB activities are developed by the project partners EUB and RCE Vienna together with inputs from the teachers and their pupils as well as other community stakeholders. Implementation is supported organizationally by the EUB (European Office, Board of Education for Vienna) and scientifically researched by the RCE Vienna (Regional Centre of Expertise; Vienna University of Economics and Business). The workshops and learning materials are conceptualized and realized by Irene Glockengiesser (a science educator).

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