Leaded by University of Milano Bicocca and GiocheriaLaboratori

The two leading partners of HUB Milano are the University of Milano-Bicocca and GiocheriaLaboratori, an educational service and science centre for kids from 3 to 11 years old in Sesto San Giovanni (MI). UNIMIB and Giocheria have been collaborating on the training of infant schoolteachers for 20 years; co-designing science education in-service training programmes and collaborating in research. They are members, since more than 30 years of the “Nidi e Infanzia” National Group established by Loris Malaguzzi.

They believe that each educational system should assume an inclusive perspective, by sharing discoveries and learning experiences, and focusing on interactional skills and pro-social behaviors. This perspective involves redesigning the learning environment in its various aspects (physical, relational, social, cultural), in order to promote accessibility and participation. Starting from 2022, a collaboration between Piccoli&Grandi educational service, Giocheria and UNIMIB has begun.

Community living labs

HUB Milano manages 5 Community living labs. Each CLL works with children with disabilities and/or SEN; improving the level of awareness of the territory on the issues of inclusion, building bridges for mediation between social educational services and the community, and making science education more accessible.

39 kids, from Sesto San Giovanni and Concorezzo took part in activities involving physics. 20 kids from Bambini Bicocca Infant School were involved in naturalistic activities.



Other activites

HUB Milano participated at international and national conferences such as Interazione Bambini-Robot, Scuola Democratica, Festival GenerAzioni and EECERA. Additionally, several training courses were caried out: one on Inclusive Teaching, two Professional Development Action-Research, one on Inclusive Science Education and one on Disseminating Scientific Culture “Alla scoperta degli animali robotici”.

UNIMIB’s B.inclusion service is also reconstructing the university pathways of students with disabilities and/or SEN.

Who we are

Alessandra Bari

Pedagogist, responsible for the School Educational Area and SEN, Municipality of Sesto San Giovanni

Luisa Zecca

Full Professor at C4S Scientific Responsabile, UNIMIB

Roberta Garbo

Researcher and Coordinator of the CALD Network, UNIMIB

Matteo Schianchi

Researcher and expert in special didactics and pedagogy, UNIMIB

Petar Vasilev Lefterov

PhD student and C4S Assistant Researcher, UNIMIB

Alessandro Porcheddu

Pedagogist, Municipality of Sesto San Giovanni

Simonetta Vimercati

Educator and coordinator of educators, Municipality of Sesto San Giovanni

Valeria Cotza

PhD student and C4S Assistant Researcher, UNIMIB

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